Glass Cleaner ...
Product Features: -
  # SENU cleans and shines all types of glass and household     appliances.
# Its Special anti-dust and anti-mist Formulae slows down dust     and mist build-up & leaves a long lasting shine with no streaks.
# Specially suited for TV & electronic goods, Computer, Fridge &     Kitchen appliances, windows, Mirrors & Glasses, Car windshields     and Laminated plastic furniture.
# Leaves a fresh and pleasant fragrance.
# Packaging: 500ml.
  Alcohol, Sugar Surfactants, Natural Extracts and Fragrance.
Dosages / Application:
  * Press pump to spray fine mist over surface.
* Wipe with clean dry cloth to get clean and sparkling results.
Technical Data:
  * Density: (20°C), approx. 0.97 g/cm³
* pH value: (20°C) ( 5g/l H2O ) approx. 7-8
  * Keep out of the reach of children.
* Do not inhale the aerosol.
* If swallowed, immediately seek medical advice.
* Only use in well-ventilated rooms.
* Keep away from fire.
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